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Jolly Gel Retailer Offer

Pool Safety Spain is the importer of Jolly Gel - a very efficient water clarifier for swimming pools.
We have supplied Jolly Gel in Spain since 2002 and it is very popular with both owners of swimming pools and pool-professionals.
We are actively seeking further outlets throughout the Peninsula and Islands.
Jolly Gel is an astonishingly efficient water clarifier for swimming pools.
One 'cube' of Jolly Gel in the pool-pump basket will keep a 60m³ pool crystal clear for 3 weeks.
To use, place one cube in the pump strainer basket (not in the skimmer). The cube will slowly dissolve as water passes over it on its journey to the filter.
Jolly Gel places a porous, clear, glutinous membrane screen over the filter media, and penetrates  to an average depth of approx. 15cm (6”).
The glutinous structure removes all the finest particles of dust and the tiny hard Oocysts of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
During backwashing of the filter the Jolly Gel membrane screen is flushed to waste along with the collected debris and spores.
It costs the end-user just €24.00 for a pack of 4 'cubes', which will maintain perfect transparency for 3 months. 
Jolly Gel is not a sanitiser, does not contain copper sulphate and has no effect on pH, it just produces pool-water of incredible clarity. 
Economic, effective - and it pays for itself!
Jolly Gel does more than turn the water 'invisible', it also removes PhosphatesPhosphates (algae food), meaning that the pool will use less chlorine.
The pool water is so incredibly clean that it takes a long time, up to 6 weeks, before the filterfilter needs to be backwashedbackwashed again; which saves 1000's of litres of water every year. The savings on water alone more than cover the cost of the Jolly Gel.
Jolly Gel removes the microscopic filter-media 'dust' caused by backwashing - reducing wear and tear on the media and extending its' life by  years. 
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Each pack contains 4 x 'cubes'.
Jolly Gel sells quickly and there are endless repeat sales.
Once a pool-owner has used Jolly Gel they will always use it - because it is so effective!
Don't just take our word for it - please read some Testimonials from both pool-owners and pool-professionals.
We list all our commercial retailerscommercial retailers (stock-holders, shops and businesses) on our website.
We include the address, telephone number and GPS data to enable customers to find them.
New distributors need not be listed if they prefer it, but it’s an effective way to get people to call, and to bring new clients to the business.
And there is also an online map of all retailers.
We advertise in print, online and via Facebook and other Social Media to inform the Public where they can buy Jolly Gel and this brings new clients to your business.
Where are you based?  Is there a distributor near you? If not - what are you waiting for?
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - in 2017/18 we will develop one outlet per town  (maybe 2 in a larger town, 3 or 4 in a city)  - so we will not be asking all your competitors to stock Jolly Gel. It will be a 'secret weapon' that only you can supply in your local area.
The deal we offer is very simple: - 
We supply Jolly Gel in cases of 24 at a unit price of €15.00 per pack = €360.00 plus carriage to Mainland Spain of €7.50 = €320.00.  
Each pack sells at €24.00: - so €576.00 for the case of 24 packs, giving a profit on the case of €216.00
All prices include IVA @ 21% and all sales are on official Factura.
Lower prices and/or free delivery, and therefore higher profits for the retailer, are available for orders of multiple cases.
To help you to get startedwe will pay the carriage on your first order of one case.
 Alternatively, you can begin with a first order for 10 packs = €125.00 + carriage of €7.50 = €132.50 giving a profit of €67.50.
Many of our retailers offer single cubes at  €6.00 per cube as a promotional 'trial'.
Word of the incredible results of using Jolly Gel will spread quickly - and your sales will increase just as quickly.
We can supply bi-lingual (Spanish and English)  posters for display.
Please see the Spanish Homologation Certificate, issued by the Minesterio de Sanidand.
Please make initial contact by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.