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Pool Safety Spain

Pool Pod Lifts

We can supply and install any pool lift on the market and we thoroughly recommend the British-made Poolpod.

Poolpod Disabled Person EquipmentSubmersible wheelchair 


Please watch a video of Poolpod in action herehere.

Poolpod is a submersible platform lift which enables disabled people, or people with restricted mobility, to safely access public or private swimming pools in a dignified and completely safe manner.

This innovative pool lift was developed for the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority with financial support from the London Marathon trust and has been designed to help any swimmer who finds using a pool ladder or steps difficult.

Swimmers can use the Poolpod with the custom made submersible wheelchair or alternatively they can remain standing while they descend to a comfortable water depth.

Poolpod Wristband:

The 100% waterproof wristband is provided to users to control all movements of the Poolpod by simply placing the band against one of the illuminated buttons. The bands contain an embedded chip which is recognised by the Poolpod buttons when it is held within 5cm. 


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